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7 Steps to a Best Seller

What are the key factors that cause a book to climb to the top of the “Best Seller” lists on Amazon, The New York Times or USA Today? Watch this webinar by book publishing expert Bryan Heathman and you will get a picture into the 7 common denominators of what it takes to create best seller.

This material is not theory. In this recorded webinar, Bryan examines case studies such as a story from one first-time author whose audio hit #1 on the iTunes International best seller list…for weeks.

This 7-part formula for a best seller is achievable for everyone and the beauty of this formula is that it CAN be replicated, many times over.

There are numerous highly respected sources of “best seller” lists. Achieving best seller status on any of these lists will put you in exclusive company and will set-up powerful marketing opportunities for your writing: Amazon Best Seller, New York Times Best Seller, Wall Street Journal and the USA Today Best Seller List to name a few.


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