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Audio Engineering Tips

When engineering audios for retail products, here are “best practices” to share with your audio engineer when scheduling your recording session(s):

The average audio duration for new audio programs such as training or keynote speeches is 30-minutes. Why? Because the typical commute is under 45 minutes, people like to listen from start to finish in one setting. This also coincides with the duration of a typical workout.


Product Series should contain 70% audio plus a DVD, CD-ROM and/or PDF workbook.


Use background music under your intro/outro to set a mood.


Close the CD with a 3rd party voiceover promoting your services. Using a 3rd party voice adds credibility to the closing of an audio program. Try to keep it short – less than 2 minutes. One minute is better.

A) For final audio productions, provide an original WAV or and MP3 saved at 320 kbps.


B) The format for the audio recording can be structured like this:

  • Music header, 5-10 seconds
  • 3rd party narrator reading an intro. Music fades-out as the speaker/author begins their program.
  • Music fades-in towards the last 30 seconds of the recording
  • 3rd party narrator reads the outro with music in the background


C) Pop-filter – use a filter of some type to prevent “breath pops” during your recording session (which are hard to edit out).


D) Distance from the microphone: measure a fixed distance from your microphone during your ENTIRE recording session, to get a unified volume. Try keeping your chin 3-fingers (2 inches) from the microphone at all times. Avoid turning your head when speaking.


E) Be careful not to shuffle paper or notes during your talk, as your microphone will pick-up these sounds.


F) Technical Specifications: Record digitally, using a high quality condenser mic i.e. Nuemann.

Wind screens and pop filters are mandatory. AVOID PLOSIVES – “p-pops”.

Provide us with files as follows:
File format: Wav files
Sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz
Resolution: 16 bit
Mode: mono (optional –standard for spoken word without stereo effects)

We know time is tight and there is a lot of information here. Made For Success Publishing is happy to provide this service for you through our Professional Services division at an hourly rate, leveraging our product creation experience from hundreds of audio productions for speakers and writers. Click here to get started and our system will alert us to the action items you’d like us to perform.