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Audiobook Recording Guide

To help move your audio recording session forward, here is a quick recap of several options for getting audio recordings to be recognized as world-class audio presentations. Creating audio products is a great way for a speaker/author to market their business and generate additional income back-of-room.





Audio Recording Options:

  1. In Studio:Find a local studio and book studio time to record audios (typically $75-$200 for studio time, plus 2-4 hours of engineering time for each hour of recorded audio). Expect to spend $300 – $600 for an hour of recorded audio, depending on the quality of your performance. Some studios will charge a day rate (i.e. $800) if you plan on multiple audios. Contact Us for referrals to studios in your local market.
  2. In Home:Purchase a turn-key audio recording system (i.e. check-out the PodCastudio by Behringer, USB version at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/c7V3nV). This is an inexpensive route and is awesome if you aspire to record multiple products. This option does require technical savvy to it set-up.
  3. Get ‘er Done:Work with Made For Success Publishing Professional Services in Seattle to have audios recorded and engineered for commercial purposes. This is a moderately priced option. Made For Success Publishing interests are in helping you be successful and getting more audio content into distribution. We offer a discounted service of $500 for a professional audio recording up to 90 minutes, complete with one of the world’s most experienced Producers at your side to get the perfect result in a comfortable recording environment.

NOTE: Including a PDF resource (i.e. Powerpoint or workbook) coupled with your audio is a great idea to bridge the need for visuals!

We know time is tight and there is a lot of information here. Made For Success Publishing is happy to provide this service for you through our Professional Services division at an hourly rate, leveraging our product creation experience from hundreds of audio productions for speakers and writers. Click here to get started and our system will alert us to the action items you’d like us to perform.