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Become a National Brand

What does it for an author to achieve national brand recognition? For authors and professional speakers who are serious about achieving name recognition, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the process.

In the past, the author landscape was much less crowded. Today, it is tougher than ever to breakthrough the noise in the marketplace and get people to recognize your brand.

We all know that branding is about frequent repetition, simplicity and clarity of your message. That is the easy part of branding. But what makes national brand status for a book title or a personal brand difficult is finding the right medium to deliver the repetition. Affordability is often the biggest hurdle for authors and speakers.

But the good news is that authors have an unfair advantage when it comes to getting your message to stick. By combining a book release campaign with the roll out of a branding campaign makes the job far easier, as mass media outlets are very receptive to interview experts and authorities.

Having work experience in Fortune 500 companies with the responsibility for driving brand awareness, Bryan Heathman has devised multi-million dollar campaigns. But what author has a multi-million-dollar budget to stimulate brand awareness? Not many, that is for sure.

Ask us for a review of the 12-point system called the Fame Wheel designed to help authors achieve ambitious goals. GOKO and Made for Success acts as your marketing agency to orchestrate a national presence.

For speakers and authors seeking to get to the next level, the biggest question to ask is “Are you ready ?” Contact Us

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