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Elevated Threat

Elevated Threat

WHAT IF......

A frightening new reality has just come on the scene of America?

A reality so abhorrent and unexpected is actually happening on a Global Scale?

What if an "oh-so-close reality" series of events began to occur where an organization of "True Believers" consisting of scientists, medical professionals, and computer engineers came together to hatch an insidious plan. That plan, and the weapon they unleash, will provide a challenge to America's security in a way never before imagined, especially on American soil.

But the world's best and brightest minds have always been on guard, protecting America from evil intent. Right? Is that knowledge our only salvation? Who will provide redemption when the enemy is two steps ahead of those bright minds? Two steps ahead of the Counter Terrorism professionals?

Written in a riveting narrative style, Elevated Threat propels you into a new reality; a reality that hits you head-on with a new level of terrorism. Are you prepared? Join the adventure from Seattle's sparkling port cities, to the trading desks of the New York stock exchange, to luxury cruise ships, and right into your home. Are you ready?





William Robson

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