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colourFeatures and Design:

Full Colour Book Publishing will produce a book that will meet your desire to publish in rich, dazzling colour. The interior of your book will display your text and images in a rich array of colour that will jump off the page. Many types of books are well-suited for full colour publishing: Corporate Materials, graphic novels, cookbooks, children’s books, poetry, photography books, catalogues and many others.

Your book can be made available in perfect bound paperback, hardback, or hardback with full colour dust jacket plus a variety of sizes. Whatever your publishing needs we offer a wide variety of high-quality publishing services to meet your needs plus perfect distribution to support the sale of your book.

Your book will be featured on our world-wide network of distribution channels. Click here for full listing distribution partners.

  • Full proofing and editing by professional team to create the perfect Book
  • Fully Customized Interior Design layout
  • Professional Customized Cover Design
  • Up to 10 Images FREE
  • Manuscript Conversion to ePub and Mobi
  • Honing of book description to optimize key words and maximize SEO
  • Book industry categorization to optimize category searches
  • Copyright & Library of Congress
  • Quarterly book sales and royalty accounting
  • Full Worldwide Distribution
  • Christian Retail Channel (optional)
  • International POD (UK, Australia, Brazil)
  • Bookstore & Library Availability
  • Espresso Book Kiosk Distribution
  • Matte or Gloss Lamination (with optional stylistic elements such as foil or embossing)
  • Wide Choice of Book Sizes

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