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Compare Publishing Models

Book Publisher Comparison Review to provide a side-by-side comparison of the Made For Success Publishing model to other publishing models.

Compare:Made for Success PublishingTraditional PublishingSelf-Publishing
Copyright Author maintains ownership of Intellectual Property Publisher maintains copyright Author retains ownership of Intellectual Property
How long does it take? 12-16 months 18-30 months 3-6 months
Royalty Rates 25% of Net Sales, paid quarterly Average 8-12% of MSRP or Net Sales, paid 2x/year. Advance on royalties range from $1,000-$2,000. Typical costs $7,500-$15,000 with Net Sales royalty rates ranging from 15% – 100%
Editing and Design Proof Edit, Custom Cover & Interior to maximize retail sell-through Design and print costs are included. Authors supply fully edited manuscript. Authors assume costs of editing, cover and interior layout.
Bookstore Sales Distribution Full retail distribution coverage via Ingram Publisher Services. Full retail distribution coverage via an in-house team or 3rd party distribution services. Limited to no bookstore distribution (except online).
Book Derivatives Physical book & eBook version distributed worldwide. Books and eBooks. Books and eBooks.
Audiobooks Recording studio is available to authors or access to a network of paid narrators are provided to authors. Audiobook rights typically sold to 3rd parties for top 5% of their catalog. Typically not available
Mobile Apps Selective titles are converted to stand-alone mobile apps Typically not available Typically not available
Speaking Engagements Speaking are regularly arranged for authors in the Made for Success family to support book awareness Some publishers have a speakers bureau which represent the top tier authors No speaking support provided.
Marketing & PR Support Trade advertising in the Ingram Advance catalog. Consumer marketing consultation provided. Bookstore signing tour leads are offered to every author. Typically the top 5% of authors get marketing support paid by the publisher. No budget is provided.
Returns from Bookstores Fully returnable Fully returnable Books are typically non-returnable, which means many bookstores will not stock this inventory.
Cost of Inventory Printing costs plus a percent mark-up, dependent on print quantity. Policies are geared to meet the needs of speaking professionals with high-margin product (books, audio CDs, etc.). 30-50% off the retail price. 20-70% off the retail price.
Book Purchase Requirements No book inventory purchase is required Some major publishers require 2,500 units purchased at 50% off MSRP Deal terms vary widely