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Draft Your Book-in-a-Day

draft_smallFeatures and Design:

So you’ve decided to write a book. Congratulations!

Now is the time to get down to the writing. But where do you start?

Draft Your Book in a Day  was developed for you. An expertly drafted system to organize your big idea into the format of a book and work the writing into your already busy schedule.

Draft Your Book in a Day   is led by publishing expert Katherine Owen, who has published hundreds of books, ebooks and audiobooks. Katherine’s books have hit #1 on Amazon and he knows how to develop best sellers.Katherine has a keen sense for what makes a manuscript great, what sells, who buys them and how to structure ideas for success.

During your consulting session, Katherine will spend a half day together with you mapping out the contents of your book using a refined process to develop the outline for your book. We start by crystalizing the Positioning of the book, so we know to whom the book will appeal. Then we will structure the Table of Contents for your book. Finally for each Chapter/Section, we create a visual plan for writing the contents.

When you leave you’ll have a clear timeline for completing the writing that works into your schedule. Each section of your book will be organized into bite-sized chunks, making your job of writing a snap.

Here is what to expect:

  • Listen to an engaging audio program, recorded by an author who has written 51 books!
  • Conceptualize the book, from a 30,000 foot view
  • Identify your Target Audience
  • Visualization Tools to “see” your ideas in book format
  • Understanding of various book options (sizes, formats, derivatives)
  • Understand how to structure the book to support speaking and consulting opportunities.
  • Tips and Tricks for developing your fan base, while you write
  • Identify resources which may be needed to finish the book in your timeline (writers, editors, illustrators, cover design, interior layout, studio, etc.)

Authors have found that writing their book becomes easier after working with Katherine and using the Book Map created in this relaxed and productive retreat. We allocate 6 hours for this process.

Please Contact Us and to arrange a time and location if you require an off-site meeting.