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Draft Your Keynote-in-a-Weekend

Draft Your Keynote-in-a-WeekendFeatures and Design:

So you’ve decided to launch a paid speaking business. Congratulations! Now is the time to get down to developing a meaningful, entertaining and educational speech. But where do you start? Draft Your Keynote was developed for specifically with you in mind! Our system, designed to organize your big idea into the format of a keynote speech and work the development of your “speech product” so you can easily produce and perfect your keynote. Draft Your Keynote is led by publishing expert Bryan Heathman, who has personally worked with over 200 professional keynote speakers on business plans, marketing programs, speech development and books. Bryan also has relationships with the CEOs of speaker bureaus and knows the dynamics of the industry. Bryan has a keen sense for what makes a keynote great, what meeting planners want to buy, why speakers are chosen and how to structure ideas for success. During your consulting session, Bryan will spend 2-days together with you mapping out the contents of your keynote using a refined process to develop the outline for your speech. We start by crystalizing the Positioning of the speech, so we know to which audiences your product will appeal. Then we will structure the 7 primary elements of a successful keynote. Finally, we will work on the marketing elements of your speaking business. When you leave you’ll have a clear timeline for completing the keynote which works into your schedule. Each section of your keynote will be organized into bite-sized chunks, making your content development a snap. Here is what to expect:

  • Pre-work audio/video training, recorded by leading speakers considered the best in the world
  • Conceptualize the keynote, from a 30,000-foot view
  • Identify your Target Audience
  • Visualization Tools to “see” your ideas inKeynote format
  • Develop your story inventory for Keynotes of varying length
  • Understanding of various keynote options
  • Understand how to structure your Opener and Close to support product sales
  • Tips for developing your fan base
  • Identify resources which may be needed to finish the Keynote in your timeline (writers, humorists, theatrics, staging, attire, illustrators, etc.)

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