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eBook Publication Tips

Prepare your file for electronic publication



Made For Success Publishing can convert .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .html files into an electronic publication format.

The following guidelines will allow us to preserve your original formatting:

  1. Proof your file for proper spelling, grammar, and syntax. Once your book has been converted to the proper format it is too late to fix typos.
  2. For optimal file conversion into ePub standards, do not use tabs or spaces to format paragraphs or individual lines.
  3. Include the publisher’s name and address, the date of publication, copyright information, ISBN, and any appropriate credits within the first two pages of the document if they apply.
  4. Use a standard font for your document. Industry favorites include Times New Roman or Courier New.
  5. Do not use very large or very small font sizes. 12pt font size is best for the body text and 16pt for chapter titles.
  6. Pull any text content that is displayed in tables or sidebars and list the text as ordinary text. Tables, inserts, and sidebars will not display properly in electronic publication format and require special handling as images.
  7. Do not include any elements that refer to page numbers, as page numbers on eReaders vary from device to device. Your Table of Contents chapters will link to the right page in the eBook version. On an eReader, whatever the user isolates on their screen is a “page,” so all headers, footers, footnotes, and indexes will be deleted.
  8. Re-size large images to 300 pixels high if you would like them to display in-line with text. We suggest that you do your image resizing outside of the document (like Microsoft Word), then reinsert them before saving. All images should be 72 – 300 DPI, but 300 DPI images are preferred.+
  9. Images in eBooks are different than images in print books, so do not “wrap” any text around your images. The better option is to place images “in-line” with the text, just below or above the paragraph where the image is referenced.


We know time is tight and there is a lot of information here. Made For Success Publishing is happy to provide this service for you through our Professional Services division at an hourly rate, leveraging our product creation experience from hundreds of audio productions for speakers and writers. Click here to get started and our system will alert us to the action items you’d like us to perform.