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Editing Services

proof-editingProof Editing

Editors will read through your manuscript carefully, considering grammar, punctuation, word useage and spelling. This professional editing is an important factor in your books success.

Proof Editing Cost: $0.016/word

copy-editingCopy Editing

Copyediting takes your manuscript to the next level. Our seasoned editors correct and clarify your completed manuscript, make comments on how to make the manuscript more concise, clear, and appealing to your readers. As always, you retain full control of your work and are free to accept or reject the changes we suggest.

CopyEditing Cost: $0.022/Word

ghost-writingGhost Writing

What happens when you have an idea but find it difficult to produce your manuscript? Your hire a ghostwriter. Often biographies are completed by ghostwriters but many other genres can also benefit from a ghostwriter. Our writers will take your outline, combine it with extensive interview time, and produce a fully-developed First Draft manuscript. The First Draft is then provided to the author for review. Since this is a highly customized service, cost estimate is provided upon consultation (At no cost)

Approximate cost $.50/word
Final estimate provided upon consultation.