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How does it Work?

We desire to exceed your expectations through the process of creating your book. Here is what you can expect with an approximate time frame for completing each phase of your project. You will have regular consultations with your project leader to keep you on track and ensure your book truly reflects your vision.

Initiation: 1 week

  1. Design intake form for the creation of the interior and cover of your book
  2. Asset request
  3. Metadata request

Phase 1: 3 weeks

  1. Review of all assets-Consultation
  2. Manuscript Editing-Consultation
  3. First Interior Consultation
  4. 3 Sample interior layouts
  5. First Cover Consultation

Phase 2: 2 weeks

  1. Review Layout of interior-Consultation
  2. 3 Cover art samples
  3. Request for back text-Consultation
  4. Manuscript for endorsements
  5. Second Cover art consultation

Phase 3: 2 weeks

  1. Full interior layout review
  2. Proof/edit for final interior print
  3. Full cover layout – Front, back and spine-Consultation
  4. Print options-Consultation

Phase 4: 1-3 weeks

  1. Final approval of interior and cover
  2. Proof copy/digital proof copy
  3. Author approval
  4. Distribution

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