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Marketing Options


You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

It’s the first place potential clients, customers or buyers will go to learn about you and/or your book. In a few short seconds visitors to your website size-up your image, make a judgment call, and either engage or move on.

Search engines and potential customers look for impact from your website in two major areas: Relevance and Trust. Building both can drive your credibility and your business forward. Begin by asking yourself a few key questions:

  1. Why do we need/have a website?
  2. What purpose is it supposed to serve?
  3. Do people immediately “get” what you, your business or your book is all about?

Our websites boast a robust user-friendly based content management system (CMS) that is SEO ready we customize your site to meet your exact specifications. We are also able to migrate your current content from your previous website and incorporate exciting new functionality. You can easily make simple modifications to your websites layout and structure or have one of our staff manage your site for you. You Choose!



Book Marketing is essential to success.

Ahhh, Book marketing….every author’s favorite topic. If you detest the idea of selling or marketing your book, then you have come to the right place. Made for Success Publishing has built 50% of its business around providing marketing services for authors to create a strong book launch.

It is our experience that a good marketing strategy will make a material difference in your success as an author or a paid speaker.

When your manuscript is close to completion, it is the perfect time to turn your attention to marketing your book. Your Marketing Plan for the launch of your book is one of the most valuable time investments you can make in order to create a successful book.

From the hundreds of marketing campaigns we have built, we know how to get results. But the solution for marketing a book is not formulaic…

• Some authors who work with have a $2,000 budget to launch their books

• Some books warrant a $350,000 budget to become New York Times best sellers

• Some authors have strong social media followings

• Other authors have busy speaking schedules

Our job is to gauge your strengths with the marketing tactics that are proven to sell books.


Marketing is essential to success.

Marketing is food for your business. Businesses too often see it as a solution to a problem. (“Not enough business, better make some marketing calls this morning!”)

Too often businesses see marketing as “optional” …until they realize it’s too late to start what they should have been doing all along.

As a team, Katherine Owen and Bryan Heathman’s experience combine to provide marketing consultation that is quite unique, in that they not only design marketing strategy but also use psychological marketing tools to convert the highest percentage prospects into buyers.

Bryan’s expertise comes from years of online promotional marketing experience using marketing tools which include both offline and online advertising and social media. Katherine brings her wealth of knowledge in the publishing industry which combined with Bryan’s expertise packs a powerful punch!

Both Bryan and Katherine possess a keen ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of a business’s needs. Armed with this understanding, they will recommend the perfect set of tools for the job of converting visitors into customers based on your marketing budget.

Free 20 minute consultation with Katherine. Find out how your business can grow exponentially