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Authors have a tricky job. First, to be successful as an author you must be a great writer. This endeavor is a journey that takes desire and constant training. The good news is that you’ve crossed this hurdle and have finished your book.

The next hurdle is marketing your book. I know, I know…this is the last thing you WANT to do but you know it is something you HAVE to do.

Perhaps you have searched the web for advice on what is working. For instance, one author had great success with producing a book trailer video that went viral. Another author sold 100,000 books through their Twitter account. But the selection of the marketing tactics which will work for you is often overwhelming.

Authors worldwide consult with Bryan Heathman to gain insights and strategy on developing a winning marketing strategy for their book.

  • Some authors have released their book and are looking for help getting their book to sell.
  • Other authors have signed publishing contracts and are required to build a marketing plan for a book launch.
  • Writers frequently consult with GOKO and Made for Success to navigate millions of marketing options into a plan that is practical and affordable.

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