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" Made For Success Publishing expanded my exposure to markets and people I wouldn’t have reached. In their physical CD distribution program, they combined my audios with multiple speakers that added credibility and higher price points for product sales than what I currently had on my own "

~Jennifer Sedlock - Professional Speaker & Author, Myers-Briggs® Certified Trainer

" Bryan Heathman and the Made for Success team are incredible to work with. They are constantly thinking of new ways to reach new customers and maximize existing content by repurposing it to fit today’s consumer. In doing this they are a vital part and an incredible help in growing the Ziglar legacy. "

~ TomZiglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc.

" I just finished my Year in Review and Planning Meeting with my staff. We included my collaboration with Made For Success Publishing on our list of accomplishments.

One of the challenges any business owner faces is choosing what opportunities to pursue. Those I choose to run with must meet one or more criteria:

1. Leverage and/or Scalability…getting the most out of our time and resources
2. Exposure…access and credibility to my target markets
3. Serving our current niche client base or expanding into a new targeted niche market
4. Profitability, of course

Working with you to create a small business targeted audio that can be marketed through my banking client channels meets criteria 1 - 3 this year… and I expect it will meet criteria number 4 in years to come. You are a pleasure to work with. Your guidance in the decision-making process, clear written agreements, prompt response to questions and knowledge of this marketplace is fantastic. Thank you! "

~Linda Keith CPS, CSP and author of 10 Essentials for Success,

" Your work with my audios have helped a young woman who emailed me today by creating the distribution vehicle for me to share my knowledge and inspiration. It is a partnership well worth all our efforts. You can feel very good today. "

~Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel – Best-selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

" Made For Success Publishing has a different approach towards publishing, combining lean manufacturing principles with expert marketing. This is a perfect set-up to support my legal industry consulting business. And they are great people to work with. "

~Allan Colman, Author of Own The Zone
The Closers Group

" I am extremely satisfied with the look of my book. The cover looks absolutely fantastic and should appeal to anyone seeking out this subject matter. The interior layout, with its formatting and fonts, highlighting the divided parts of the book with italicized historical excerpts, is magnificent and gives a beautifully crafted dimension to the overall appearance of it. I couldn’t be more pleased.

My working relationship with you has been a pleasant experience for me. You are a true professional who obviously knows what is in my best interest. Made For Success Publishing has served me well and I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a similar goal.I am truly grateful. "

~Herb Allenger, Author of Ahuitzotl: A Novel of Aztec Mexico